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Plastic defoaming masterbatch is also called plastic desiccant, desiccant masterbatch, absorbent masterbatch, widely
used in injection molding, wire drawing, blowing film, tube drawing and other plastic products in the production process.


Moisture absorber

Desiccant 1.jpeg

What is desiccant?

It also known as dehumidifying masterbatch (water absorbent masterbatch) is suitable for all kinds of enterprises using PE, PP recycled plastics for product production. Trace moisture in raw materials has a very serious impact on the pro duction of plastic products.


Therefore, enterprises generally use additional drying equipment to dry plastic, which is a great waste of energy and human resources, and increases the cost of products. With this masterbatch, all the problems such as bubbles, moires, cracks and spots caused by moisture can be eliminated by adding it into raw materials without any adjustment of the production process.

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