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Plastic waste

Our company is dedicated to trade in Europe but also to export of material (up to 60 containers per month) to Vietnam, where we cooperate with major recycling companies in the local market.


We buy and sell various plastic waste: LDPE, HDPE, PP, PA, PS, ABS, POM, PVC, PET…

We are mainly engaged in the purchase of sorted plastic waste in the form of loose, pressed or reel rolls, but we also buy material in the form of pulp or regranulate, or residual quantities of original materials.


Upon agreement, we are able to trade and process plastic waste from production in the form of scrap, packaging, inlets, trimmings, packaging foils, cans, crates, spools, etc.


The basic condition of purchase is purity and sorting of plastics into individual types, because each type of plastic has its specific properties and cannot be processed simultaneously.


Therefore, we recommend sending a photograph or a representative sample to our office in Aš for the best assessment of purchase options, or arrange a personal visit with us directly.

Plastic Scrap
Plastic Scrap
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