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Balanced Objects


The company VH-FB EURO, s.r.o. is a Czech producer of plastic regranulates. We purchase and recycle mainly LDPE and HDPE films. We efficiently use plastic waste - we sort it and recycle it for the re-production of packaging materials. We help save the environment this way.

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Balanced Objects
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Production line

For the granulation of waste foils, we use a modern German production line, where we process PE and PP packaging foils. We produce PE and PP regranulates for subsequent processing by injection, extrusion but also blow molding. We use very fine sieves, so our granulates are also suitable for the production of thin-walled films and related products.


If you want PE regranulates of atypical fractions or colors, do not hesitate to ask us, we can adapt. We can process clear, printed or color PP, LDPE and HDPE films.
We produce high quality LDPE, HDPE, PP regranulates according to your specifications.

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