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Additive masterbatches are specialized calcium carbonate fillers in order to modify various properties of the base plastic. The use of plastic additives has really revolutionized the plastic industry. We offer many selections of additive masterbatch: anti-UV additive, anti-blocking additive, anti-static additive, clarifying additive, optical brightener additive, processing aid additive and many more to order.

Our additive products are used in the plastics industry with small proportions to optimize the production process and properties of plastic products.  Not only that, we also create additives suitable for your own requirements such as
anti-fog, anti-flame retardant, antioxidants, fillers, foaming agents, optical brighteners, purge agents, process aids, scents, slips, release agents, UV absorbers and inhibitors.


Processing aid additive

Processing aid additive is designed to enhance extrusion ability of plastics which leads to improve productivity and quality. Using Europlas processing aid additive offers plastic producers many benefits such as: increasing output, reducing production costs, operating pressures and improving surface smoothness. In addition, processing aid additive helps to eliminate melt fracture, give faster color change and reduce gel formation during extrusion.

Processing Aid Additive

Clarifying additive

In the process of manufacturing and processing plastic products, some unwanted agents can affect the glossiness of the product. our product is a good solution to improve the glossiness of plastic products. In addition, clarifying additive enhances the hardness, making the product better shaped.
It helps improve the glossiness of the membrane surface.

Clarifying additive increases the clarity of plastic products by reducing the size of the spherulites. Smaller spherulites allow more light through the polymer, which decreases the haze of the part. Clarifying additive is transparent, which also helps to decrease haze values. Key injection molding applications include houseware, food storage containers, and caps and closures.

Clarifying Additive

Anti-blocking additive

In manufacturing and processing plastic
applications usually occurs a blocking situation, which is the adhesion between polymer film layers, that complicates the separating of them. In this case, plastic producers prefer to use anti-blocking additive.

Anti-blocking additives prevent blocking and tackling with the production and further processing of films, coatings, as well as coextrusion layers. This additive creates an even micro-rough surface which reduces the direct contact surfaces and acts as the spacer between the film surfaces.

Anti-Blocking Additive

Optical brightener additive

Optical brightener additive is used to add in polymers for the function of reducing yellowing, improving whiteness, and enhancing the brightness for polymers. This additive contains highly concentrated brightener chemicals which improve whiteness and bring bright look for finished products. In addition, the use of this additive gives smooth and glossy surface of film.

Optical Brightener Additive

Anti-UV additive

Generally, the lifetime of plastics comes faster when it is under the effects of sunlight, UV rays, heat and reaction with oxygen. The changes witnessed in a plastic can range from discoloration to formation of cracks. Anti-UV additives help to eliminate these effects. Our anti-UV additives or UV protection additive protects plastic applications from changing colors and properties which are affected by UV rays and keep plastics lifetime last longer.

AntiUV Additive

Anti-static additive

In manufacturing plastics, static electricity becomes a great problem, because with very few exceptions plastics are highly insulating. Europlas anti-static additives are produced from anti-static materials. It is used mainly to eliminate spark discharges and to minimize or prevent the accumulation of surface dust and dirt and help the production process be more efficient.

Anti-Static Additive
Processing Aid Additive
Clarifying Additive
Anti-Blocking Additive
Optical Brightener Additive
AntiUV Additive
Anti-Static Additive
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